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The best solutions for agenda and minutes documents, policies, meeting calendars, news, venues, events, member profiles, sponsor profiles, staff profiles, an A-Z directory of services, planning application displays, and much more.

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Veedoo is a specialised digital agency

that offers website, software, AI development for EU projects, programs, funds, and government institutions, as well as leading multilingual information, media platforms and membership organisations.
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Your EU project’s website

Website is instrumental in advancing your project's mission
Entrust the development to a professional team

Choosing Veedoo will streamline the collaboration process and guarantee better results than working with developers who do not understand the workings of such organizations.

Spread your mission globally

Make your EU project website dynamic with regular updates on resources, news, and project developments. We handle multilingual versions, SEO, and integrate modern AI solutions like chatbots and audio articles for enhanced effectiveness.

Secure and GDPR-compliant website

Your project's website will be the focal point for showcasing your project mission. Let Veedoo handle the development, ensuring security, GDPR compliance, and seamless operation, attracting like-minded collaborators.

Maintenance of your EU project's website

By partnering with Veedoo, you'll receive a reliable digital partner who takes care of all aspects to ensure your website operates flawlessly.

Elevate Your Organisation

Harness the power of EU Design Standards to create a professional, accessible, and transparent website that reflects the values of your project or organisation.

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